Is it Too Late to Change Careers After the Age of 30?

When we initially began our careers, there was a collective hope to swiftly discover the perfect job that aligns with our aspirations. The aim was for each step we took to propel us closer to our individual goals. However, the reality is that one's twenties can pass by in the blink of an eye. Consequently, numerous individuals still find themselves not yet working in a role that truly resonates with their dreams. It is in our thirties that the desire for a new career often arises, as we start feeling saturated with our current job. This transition can be daunting, yet it is a path that many are eager to explore despite the accompanying anxiety.

Concerns of people aged 20 and 30
It's not strange if we feel unsure about our career path. Because a survey found that there are quite a few people who feel the same way as us. A survey from LinkedIn found that the number 1 reason people between the ages of 25-33 said they were experiencing a quarter-life crisis was concern about not finding a career that matched their passion . I didn't find it myself. It is thought to be a problem for more than half the generation, or more than 61%. In addition, when comparing oneself with friends of the same age. It often makes you feel even more worried.

The desire to find work that works has led to 36% of people in this age group having experienced a career change (career path) at least once.

Points of difference and common points in wanting to change careers 'If you keep doing it, you can do it. It just doesn't feel fulfilling.'

Each person's desire to change careers may have different starting points. Some people know their dreams very well but have not had the right time before. For example, they know they want to have a business but don't have enough savings. Some people, after working for a while, find that their passion has changed and they begin to know themselves more. Some people still can't answer for themselves what they want to do. I just know that what I'm doing isn't quite what I like yet. Or some people might just want a job with more freedom.

But for whatever reason The thing that is common to almost everyone who wants to change careers is the feeling that The work that I am doing still does not meet my life's needs as it should. It doesn't help fill your life enough. Or it might be called this place of work. Just to have money to use in other areas of life.

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External factors push us to question ourselves.
In addition to factors that arise from oneself pressure from surrounding society also has an effect.

When working for a while we often start to see people around us who are the same age gradually succeed. There is a chance to advance. Have the opportunity to have your own business When looking at it, his overall life seems to be better than ours. Until it makes us look back and ask ourselves, “ What exactly are we working for? ” and there is a feeling of wanting to change something. However, many people still hesitate that changing jobs now might be too late. Or maybe it really isn't a good choice.

Focus on yourself don't have to compare with others.
Don't think that slow job change equals slow success. If we try to adjust the perspective that success is not defined only by having a high salary or having a large position. But success also includes being able to bring yourself to work for what you want. Do it and be happy. and closer to the life we ​​want Finally, as time passes One day we will grow in our new career. and be successful in our own way

Before deciding to change careers Try answering these questions.
Does that career have age restrictions or specific qualifications ?
Even today's working society is more open about age. But many careers may have advantages for younger people, such as air hostesses, PR work, events that require physical strength because they work irregular hours. Or careers that require specific study and a long time to study, such as being a doctor or a lawyer, etc. Changing to these careers in your 30s is possible . But it takes quite a bit of effort to prepare.

Are you ready if you have to start over?
Having previous work experience gives us many skills that can be applied to a new career. (transferable skills) However, we do not yet have direct experience in that career field. Most of the time you have to start from the entry-level.

Do you have enough reserves?
On average, the career change process can take a year. And there are often additional educational expenses, including when starting a new job, you may not earn much income.

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So are we ready to deal with this matter or not? Can you accept it? If there was a younger leader?
Being entry-level means that you are more likely to have a boss or colleague in the same position who is younger than you.

So can we be open to accepting and adapting to work together? What more do you need to learn?
Considering what skills you need to learn more about and creating a rough development plan will give you a realistic idea of ​​a possible path forward. One technique that helps us find the answer more clearly. It means doing a lot of research and finding opportunities to talk with people who have direct experience. So that we can understand the nature of the work and other details of the work.

What transferable skills do we have now?
If the career we want to pursue is not being our own boss. But it is a company employee who must submit a resume and be interviewed. Understanding your own transferable skills and clearly demonstrating how they relate to your new job. It will help the interviewer have more confidence in you. Examples of transferable skills include problem solving, communication, creativity, etc.

Use ' Ikigai ' to help explore yourself.
Ikigai is a popular Japanese philosophy used to find the meaning of life that involves a balance between four aspects : 'things we love', 'things that are beneficial to the world', 'things that generate income' and 'things that we... Well done' if we're still not sure what career is truly meaningful to us. Let us try writing our answers in these boxes. Then try to see which career best answers all 4 aspects of who you are.

Find an opportunity to experiment before actually doing it.
When we begin to know ourselves Finding an opportunity to try out a career that you think you like on a small scale first will help us be more confident that you really want to do that career. For example, you think you want to be a fitness trainer. We might try offering to be a trainer for a friend for free first. If you try it and you like it, You can move forward with confidence. But vice versa, if we find that we are just people who like to exercise. But we don't like to explain. If you don't like selling things, it means that exercise may actually be more suitable for us as just a hobby.

It's never too late.
There are many celebrities around the world who have proven that it's never too late to learn and that changing careers after 30 is possible, including Colonel Sanders (owner of KFC), Jeff Bezos (founder of Amazon), and Vera Wang (designer). world-famous Weiner), Ronald Reagan (40th President of the United States), The Rock ( actor ) , and many more. The keys these people share are self-belief and determination.

One day, if we have a career that we love We may find that waking up early to go to work each day is powerful and meaningful. In the end, success will come without it being too late.


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