Our Process

Step 1: Define Objectives and Specifications

1. Understanding the Client's Business and Culture: Gain insights into the client's business and culture.
2. Securing Client Consensus on Position Specifications: Obtain agreement on the executive's scope, responsibilities, compensation, and desired profile.
3. Developing a Comprehensive Search Plan: Create a tailored plan to guide our search efforts effectively.
4. Review and Approval of the Search Plan: Collaborate with the client to review and finalize the search plan.

Step 2: Identify and Assess Candidates

1. Providing a Comprehensive Brief to the Research Department: We furnish the Research department with a detailed brief encompassing all necessary information.
2. Efficient Candidate Identification: Our team diligently identifies potential candidates based on the provided brief and specific requirements.
3. Thorough Screening and Evaluation of Candidates: We conduct a comprehensive screening and evaluation process to assess the suitability of the identified candidates.
4. Presentation of a Select Shortlist: After meticulous consideration, we present a carefully selected shortlist of candidates who meet the desired criteria.

Step 3: Interviews

1. Facilitating Initial Interviews: We coordinate and facilitate productive first interviews between the client and the candidates.
2. Gathering Feedback from Client and Candidate: We actively seek feedback from both the client and the candidates after the interviews to ensure open communication and understanding of their impressions.
3. Thorough Reference Checks: Our team conducts diligent reference checks to gather valuable insights into the candidates' past experiences and performance.
4. Selecting Finalists for Further Interviews: Based on the feedback received and comprehensive evaluations, we identify and select the finalists who will proceed to subsequent interview rounds.
5. Continual Feedback Loop: We ensure a continual feedback loop by gathering further feedback from both the client and the candidate to maintain transparency and adapt our approach as needed.

Step 4: Offer, Referencing and Closure

1. Coordinating Finalist Interviews: We efficiently coordinate and schedule interviews for the selected finalists to streamline the hiring process.
2. Negotiating Comprehensive Compensation and Benefit Packages: Our team skillfully negotiates with the successful candidate to finalize the total compensation and benefits package, ensuring a mutually beneficial agreement.
3. Extending a Formal Offer to the Successful Candidate: Once the negotiations are complete, we present a compelling and competitive offer to the successful candidate.
4. Providing a Draft Letter of Employment to the Client: We deliver a draft letter of employment to the client for their review and approval, ensuring accuracy and adherence to the company's policies and guidelines.
5. Preparing the Successful Candidate for Resignation and Counter Offer Challenges: We assist the successful candidate in navigating the resignation process and provide guidance on potential pitfalls associated with counter offers, ensuring a smooth transition into their new role.

Step 5: Conclude

1. Maintaining Communication during the Notice Period: We stay in regular contact with the candidate throughout their notice period, ensuring a smooth transition and addressing any concerns or questions that may arise.
2. Facilitating a Seamless Transition and Assimilation: We prioritize the executive's successful integration into their new role by providing support and resources to ensure a seamless transition.
3. Continued Engagement during the Probation/Guarantee Period: We maintain regular contact with both the client and the candidate during the probation or guarantee period, offering ongoing support and addressing any potential challenges that may arise.