SAP CS Consultant

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   Full Time and Permanent
   Application Specialist – Software, Information Technology, and SAP
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SAP CS Consultant

THB45,000 – 120,000 /month (negotiable)


Basic Skills : SAP CS, SD 

– Sound Knowledge of Part Number Serialization, Equipment Record
– Sound Knowledge of Warranty, Different Types of Warranty
– Sound Knowledge of Contract Processing, Different Contact Components
– Good Knowledge about Revenue Recognition, Deferred Revenue
– Sound Knowledge about Install Base
– Good Knowledge about Service Notifications
– Good Knowledge about Catalog, Catalog Profile, User Status, System Status, User Status Profile, Partner Profile
– Good Knowledge of IDoc Processing, EDI
– Good Knowledge of Material Classification, Characteristics



Basic Skills : CS, PM

– Sound knowledge of Service Notifications
– Sound knowledge of Service Orders
– Sound Knowledge of Debit Memo Request and Debit Memo
– Sound knowledge of Advance shipment and billing process
– Sound knowledge of DIP profile configuration
– Sound knowledge of partner functions and its configurations
– Sound knowledge of time sheet entry and confirmations through CATS
– Sound knowledge of Service Notifications and Order Management configurations
– Sound knowledge of Maintenance plan and its scheduling
– Good Knowledge of Service order settlement
– Good Knowledge of Returns and repair process
– Good Knowledge of IDoc processing
– Good knowledge of interface like Mobile device and scheduling CLICK


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