Node JS Developer

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   Application Specialist – Software and Information Technology
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Node JS Developer

Salary: Above THB 120,000 /month

You will be working within an agile delivery team to design and develop their new CRM platform, you will also be working closely with product owners, business analysts, and stakeholders to gather requirements. As well as designing and delivering solutions that are secure, reliable, responsive, and scalable and gaining a good understanding of their customer needs and ensure they are considered at each stage of the development lifecycle.

You will have

  • Extensive Node.Js programming experience
  • Experience working with the AWS cloud platform, especially around serverless technologies
  • Experience designing APIs and developing RESTful endpoints
  • Ability to work within an Engineering team that are fully responsible for the quality of the software they build and deploy
  • Will have a brilliant track record of delivering well engineered solutions using best practices such as SOLID principles, TDD, CI/CD, peer review, and pair programming

You may have

  • Good understanding of the principles and trade-offs of a microservices and event driven architecture
  • Experience working within an environment where operational support and monitoring of code and systems is part of the culture (DevOps)
  • May hold an industry certification in a key platform, tool or domain used within the CRM Engineering team. This could be any relevant certification from bodies like AWS
  • Experience or knowledge of Salesforce


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