Tender & Pricing Manager

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Tender & Pricing Manager

  • Develops and implements pricing strategies for a company’s products or services.
  • Manages all tender submission & secure high success in submission. Acts a key gatekeeper on pricing control.
  • Works closely with several other departments, including sales, marketing, finance & operation & distributor to perform.


  • To determine a strategy to charge for products or services by considering production and other costs to determine the price point to make a profit. They set base prices and develop strategies on pricing to submit to tender and maximize the tender values.
  • Responsible for Tender Submission; manage the entire process on tender submission and follow through the process until sales contract completion. Specifically, on tender submission, the candidate together with direct report to:
  • review of information about demands and derivation of supply and proposal preparations
  • clarify the bid conditions with sales team, marketing team, finance, distributor and manage the tender preparation
  • monitor the bid management in order to ensure it is aligned with the organization’s requirements
  • contribute in cost and price calculations
  • coordinate of tender reviews and deadlines and adjust them to the frameworks given by the customers
  • maintain Pricing Structure & Control
  • keeps track the tender submission results.
  • Identify Target Markets; evaluates trends to determine what customers would buy a certain product or utilize a specific service.
  • Assist marketing and sales in determining tender submission & generate the revenue to the company.
  • Track Market Trends;He/ she shall spend time in visiting hospital, trade shows and other venues to establish what rival companies are offering in order to establish the need for a specific product or service.

Skills Requirement:

  • Degree in business or any other field related to the position
  • Practical experience in a similar position advantageous
  • Strong verbal and written communication, interpersonal, mathematical and analytical skills.
  • Need to be team players with strong leadership and project management capabilities.
  • A good sense of finance or accounting principles is important for this position.
  • Evaluating production costs to develop pricing strategies
  • Understanding the impact of pricing on profit margins
  • Developing and defining pricing structures
  • Understanding contract negotiations and bids as well as proposal development
  • Understand hospital pricing regulations
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office applications, especially Excel
  • Strong time-management and organizational skills
  • Ability to coordinate several tasks at the same time
  • Well-developed negotiation skills


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