Software Development Engineer

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   Full Time and Permanent
   Application Specialist – Software, Information Technology, and IT Project Management / Team Lead
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Software Development Engineer

Key Accountability :

·         In-depth knowledge of at least one major programming language, the associated framework and the tool ecosystem to implement end-to-end systems.

·         Profile and optimise code.

·         Produce test driven features in the appropriate programming language and demonstrate that I’m comfortable with the TDD cycle.

·         Identify patterns in code and refactor the code towards them where it increases understanding and/or maintainability with minimal guidance.

·         Develop high quality code that can lead to rapid delivery. Ruthlessly pursuing continuous integration and delivery.

·         Write secure code by default and write maintainable code and observe basic hygiene practices.

·         Demonstrate the importance of domain model and I coherently model a problem domain within a given context.



·         5+ years working in IT field with a focus on programming language, system coding, or related fields.

·         Exceptional communication, problem solving and cross-group collaboration skills

·         Good command of written and spoken English


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