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Project Engineering Manager

Our client companies are expanding their business rapidly and with high stability. Currently in the process of building a manufacturing plant for the manufacture of medical gloves. It’s a very good opportunity for our candidates with the proper expertise in constructing a manufacturing factory for a medical glove project. If you have such experience it’s a very good opportunity for you.

Main responsibilities:

  • Use Action while planning within the budget used for the implementation of the project. Make an overall work plan.
  • Prepare project proposals and requests for budget allocations according to the assigned project. By studying the information related to the project and from the past performance. Create an evaluation for other projects in the same way.
  • Manage the project and budget for the implementation according to each activity.
  • Able to coordinate with the corporate network. And/or groups of stakeholders both inside and outside the organization. Also, be able to communicate formally with the parties involved assigned by the project management.
  • Performance tracking and gathering for information in preparing reports of results to present to the Executive Committee appropriately. Be effective and able to take suggestions in improving the quality of the project.
  • Be a supervisor and supervise the work of subordinates. We always aim to meet the standards for the best benefits by the performance of the assigned work. This must be done in an order to operate in a systematic manner.
  • Other tasks as assigned.

Position Qualifications:

  • Graduated with a bachelor’s degree or higher in the Mechanical Engineering field or related fields.
  • Work experience is a must. Project engineering management in the construction of a medical glove factory or experience in managing projects in the construction of other strong manufacturing plants
  • Have a lengthy experience working with machines.


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