Driver Training Manager (Regional)

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Driver Training Manager (Regional)


  • Lead develop driver development program, Develop and maintain a skilled driver training network, Implement driver training as per training plan and market needs, and Provide support to other driver development.
  • Conducts theoretical and initial and technical training classes for commercial vehicles, providing theory, simulation and practical applications for classes.
  • Monitor driver training center enrolment, and execute routine training schedule with a focus on continuous process improvement.
  • Understand the market and customer needs to develop a multi-tiered driver development programme that will address the driver training needs of different customer groups.
  • Develop driver training packages to customers support various driver training needs
  • Develop and implement suitable Driver Development Training packages for all new product introductions and feature updates.
  • Provides hands-on training in advanced applications, training and testing preparations in Vehicle Inspection, Skills/ Maneuvers, Range and Road Driving Skills required to meet and or exceed requirements needed to successfully pass the Commercial Driver’s Test.
  • Provide specialist support to driver training programmes in markets for key customers


  • Expat, Bachelor Degree in related field working in Thailand
  • At least 10 years in Commercial Vehicle Driver, Trainer or Safety Driving Instructor with Truck/Heavy duty driving license
  • Experience in Trucking, Transportation business and background should include knowledge of Truck/Commercial Vehicle transportation, defensive driving and driver safety or being lead instructor in Truck Driving institute is preferred.
  • Strong leadership skills with the ability to bring a group to consensus and foster a team environment
  • Creativity/Innovation: Reframing traditional patterns of thinking and applying new and evolving ideas, methods, designs and technologies
  • High skills in building strong networks/relationships with other departments.
  • Fluent in English and ability to travelling in and oversea country for training customer’s drivers.


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